Clinically Safe for Sensitive skin

The Elave range is developed from 80 years of experience and research into formulation for dry sensitive skin and dry skin conditions. The Elave range has been developed in Ireland by Ovelle Pharmaceuticals, established by the Gardiner family in 1934 in our dedicated research and Pharma grade GMP manufacturing facility. All of our raw materials and ingredients undergo rigorous pharma testing before use and all our formulations are safety tested to the highest industry standards.

We only use purified water in all our Elave formulations and our promise of absolute purity means no sulfates SLES/SLS, no parabens, no perfume, no formaldehyde, no alcohol, no soap, no colours & more. 

High Performance Sensitive Skincare 

With our Elave Dermatological range, in particular, Elave Intensive Cream we have highly effective high performance solutions for dry sensitive skin and skin prone to eczema and contact dermatitis. We have extended our Elave product ranges to include complimentary daily sensitive shampoos, sensitive shower gels and head to toe skincare to help reduce skin sensitivity all over and protect your skin every day. You will find daily solutions for your skin and your family's skin. Elave skincare is designed to be used together for clear, healthy & beautiful skin.

The entire Elave Range is clinically proven to be kind and mild to dry sensitive skin:

“Dermatologically Tested”, Clinically Tested”, “Kind to Skin”, “Mild for Skin”, “Safe for Skin”, “Suitable for New-borns”, “Paediatrician Approved” " Suitable for use during pregnancy".

Elave products or ingredients are not tested on animals.