This year alone, 25% of babies will develop eczema in their first six months, compared to 3% just two generations ago. So what’s going on? Is there something in the water? The short answer is yes. And the uncomfortable truth is, we’re often the ones putting it there.

For example, many baby skincare products contain harsh and unnecessary chemicals, in particular MI (preservatives), and sulfates (foamers) in shampoos, bubble baths and wipes. These can strip the skin of its natural oils, leading to problems such as eczema.

It’s not just babies who are suffering – many women and men have had skin reactions to facial skincare, which have left skin red and sensitive.

Our research teams continually strive to create the cleanest safest skincare for sensitive skin. We only use purified water, all our raw materials and ingredients undergo rigorous pharmaceutical testing before use and our formulations are safety tested to the highest standards. This is why Elave products are trusted and recommended by pharmacists and medical professionals. I believe your skin is your canvas so before you do anything else, make sure it is as healthy and clear and beautiful as possible. I believe in treating skin right.